During Ari’s sickness, Augie decided it was Woodstock’s birthday. He made little invitations that were themed for a “forest party” (because obviously Woodstock likes trees) and handed them out to me and daddy. He cut balloons out of tracing paper and taped Happy Birthday pictures he drew all over his room to decorate. I was too busy taking care of his sick sister to play pretend that week which upset him because he worked so hard on everything for the party. Then, one morning while he was at school, I went in his room and saw all of the adorable-ness and it made me so happy and so sad all at the same time. If nothing else, I am happy that I at least had the chance to buy a happy birthday balloon for Woodstock while I was running errands. When I gave it to Augie his response was, “You didn’t have to do that, Mommy. He doesn’t need any gifts. All he needs is love.”

Heart of gold I tell you.

My Handyman
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