Hello there!

My name is Deanne Mroz. I love long bike rides, coffee, and sunny days.

My journey began years ago when I was a kid. I was constantly drawing, sewing, coloring and creating and I was ALWAYS up past my bedtime.

Today, things are not really that much different except my late nights are now spent working on projects and editing photos.

Currently, I am the Design Production Assistant for The National Association of Professional Child Photographers, a freelance graphic designer, a photographer and a stay at home mom (or work from home mom, rather). I am a horrible housekeeper even though I try my best to keep things neat. I am not good at filing, I hate doing laundry, and most of the time when I finish the laundry it sits in a file folded on my bedroom floor. (I’ve heard from other creatives that I am not alone in doing this though, so I feel slightly less guilty…I just blame it on my brain.)

Along with every day photos of my family, I post DIY projects, lactose free recipes, and links to free printables (because who doesn’t love free printables?).

Feel free to contact me to say hi or follow me on Instagram. I love to make new friends!