We really love when the weather gets warm enough and we can WALK to get Augie from school instead of driving. Let me tell you…winter time is 0 fun when you have to drive around the block, take a toddler out of the car in below 0 weather, walk through 2 ft of snow while she cries cause she got wet, get your other kid, bring both of them BACK to the car, get them in and drive back home. It is so unnecessary – all the driving and the buckling and the freezing. One day, it was SO cold that I almost got frost bite during the pick-up process. Ari was freezing and crying so I picked her up and carried her and water from her shoe got on my jeans. By the time I got back to the car, my leg was frozen and bright red.

When the bitter cold finally stopped and I was able to strap Ari in the stroller and mosey over to the school happily without freezing to death all I could think in my head was HALLELUJAH.

Why does this school not have a pick up lane. WHY!? Or WHY do we not live far enough from school so my kid could take the bus? Ugh. Just Ugh….

I did not think that through when we moved close to the school.

Spring Has Arrived
Winter Weeks