These two just love each other.

Ever since Augie stopped going to daycare, their love is even stronger. We had Avery at our house for a playdate a few weeks ago and the two of them were adorable together. They are apparently too cool to play in the sprinkler, but they wanted to get wet because it was 100 degrees outside that day. So, I brought some of the cars in the backyard so they could “wash” them…but no. That didn’t occupy them either.

Instead, I ended up giving them a bucket of water and some paintbrushes so they could “paint” the patio. While Augie didn’t necessarily go for it, Avery sure did. She LOVED painting. She would paint every last piece of the patio and the backdoor and then she would go back to touch up the spots that dried later on just to be sure she got everything.

What was Augie doing? Throwing water bombs at the house, of course. The difference between boys and girls is humorous for sure….

On a serious note though…will he ever learn to just be content with a non-destructive activity?! Oy. Probably not. Who am I kidding.

Either way, it was a fun day with these two. XOXO to these cute faces.


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