I know this is going to sound like something only a photographer would say, because it is something only a photographer would say. BUT, I’m going to say it anyways because this is my blog and I don’t care.

All the stars aligned this year on Halloween to make for the PERFECT photo opportunity. For real though, it was in the 60’s, there was no rain, the clouds had an overcast and moody Halloween-ish feel, family from all around showed up to trick-or-treat together, and the leaves had LITERALLY just changed and started falling and had littered the ground with the most beautiful rainbow colors. I mean, I took so many photos and I love every single one because it was so perfect.

My little Poppy girl has my heart on this day when I look back at the memories. She was SO excited to Trick-or-treat. She loved EVERY minute and wanted to hit up every house and carry her own bucket even though her little legs were surely tired. She pointed out all the ghosts and decorations and even stopped to take a photo with one and to say hi to a deer in someone’s yard. I just love her so much.

Best Halloween in a long time.

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