Sometimes it’s really hard to remember that I am spending way more time with my kids than most parents get to. That’s due to the fact that even though I am here in the house, I am often sitting behind a screen working when we are here. Regardless of this, there are still soooo many hours in a week that I get to do special things with my kids that I wouldn’t get the chance to do if I worked full time. I wouldn’t be able to pick Ari up from preschool at 11:30 and run errands with her. I wouldn’t be able to pick Augie up from school at 2:15 and build snowmen in the yard together or take them to the park. It’s these quiet moments when everyone else is at work that I get the chance to enjoy. So what if there are moments when I have to work to help provide for our family. There are still so many more wonderful moments where we’ve enjoyed time together at the park – just us two or three and I know in the end, that’s all they’ll remember anyways.

My Green Eyed Girl & Ice Cream
Shower Art