The Drive In will always hold a special place in my heart.

In high school, my friends and I used to sneak people in by putting them in the trunk so they didn’t have to pay. Then, we’d park all the way in the back of the lot so we could hang out, be loud, and do whatever we wanted without supervision.

When Matt and I were first married he worked nights and weekends and was off on Monday and Tuesday. So, instead of hanging out on the weekends, we had weekly dates at the drive in on Tuesday nights. Usually, we’d get there early with some sort of fast food, eat, hang out, watch the first movie and then I would fall asleep while Matt enjoyed the second.

When Augie was born, we continued to go to the Drive In, letting him sleep between us as we watched movies in the back of the Envoy.

When Ari was born, we had a birthday party for Matt at the Drive In because they were playing the Goonies during one of their throw-back weeks and she blissfully slept through both features in the back of the truck while the rest of us at pizza.

Really though, it never gets old. I will forever miss the one they closed off North Ave last summer – a place where so many memories lie.

This year, we only made it out to the Drive In once, but it was a beautiful night and Ari’s first REAL experience watching a movie there. We saw Toy Story 4 which she loved and now she asks when we will be going to “see a movie outside in the truck” again. Lucky for her, we plan on trying to get back there this week for Trunk or Treat! Hopefully it’s not too cold and it’ll live up to her high 3 year old expectations.

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