Remember when we weren’t quite yet quarantined…but yet we were? People keep talking bout how it’s hasn’t even been 2 months yet, but they forget that this all started long before we were actually told to “stay home”. Remember how I had to start helping my kid e-learn early on in March? Or how my daughter couldn’t go to daycare? Causeeeeee….it’s been a while since our lives have changed. It’s been an interesting ride, that’s for sure. The beginning of quarantine looked a lot different than it does now. Family walks, workouts, puzzles, forts….crafts….this was when we must have had more energy.

2 months later, we are all mentally exhausted and only have energy to barely complete e-learning for the day and go to bed. We try to get up the energy for projects and crafts, but our hearts just aren’t in it anymore. And by we, I mean I try and hold strong and do things for the kids to keep them entertained…but even they are over it after being here with nothing to do for 2 months straight. You can’t blame them, they also have feelings even though they are little. Nothing is normal and they know it and no amount of crafts or puzzles are going to change that.

But hey…at least we have memories, right?

10 Years Strong
Shower Before The Shower