When there’s about to be a quarantine, your baby is due in a month, your shower is cancelled, and you don’t even have a carseat to bring your baby home in….what do you do?

You have a shower before the shower of course…(yes, that’s a Jersey Shore reference). Incase you were wondering, that means your sister comes out with all her old baby stuff to make sure that you at least have what you need to get by until you know what the heck is going on in the world. Turns out that the world turned crazy though and there was never an actual shower…but no worries. Baby Simko got almost everything he needed to come home from the hospital before he was born and the rest showed up later on. Hopefully sometime soon we can all get together to celebrate this little baby miracle! Until then, I will keep quoting cheesy shows from the early 2000s to make myself feel better about life.

That Time When We Weren't Quarantined...But Were
St. Patrick's Day 2020