Annnnnddd I am starting a revolution.

We decided a few weeks ago there aren’t enough photos with me in them and there also are not enough photos of us together as a family. The logistics are always too hard…not enough time…not the right place….whatever. There’s always a reason.

It is because of this that I have decided to start a new project. From now on, we are going to try to capture at least one family photo a week. It doesn’t matter how, where, when, or what we are wearing. The photos will all be taken by use of self timer and they will be of us doing exactly what we do. I feel that sometimes, capturing memories is not always about the quality of the photo as much as it is the quantity and quality of the content. How much will we all love looking back at photos of us smiling at the camera compared to photos of us being us. I believe sometimes these true life photos of us sitting on the floor in the living room watching Augie’s favorite show with him for the 1000th time before putting him to bed and others like this are the kind of photos that bring warm fuzzies into our brains and make us feel good years from now.

So, without further ado, here is our first photo for our Self Timer Family Selfie Project. I call it “Seriously, why do we even own furniture?” A masterpiece if I’ve ever seen one.

Self Timer Family Selfie Project

Self Timer Family Selfie Project

If you are up for it, I challenge everyone out there to do the same thing. Post it on Facebook, post it on your blog, tag me, don’t tag me…but most of all, do it for you! You will be happy you did some day when you are looking back. It’s only 52 photos a year. You can do it! And you won’t regret it. Promise.

Licking The Batter
Playing With Mommy's New Camera