When we bought our house last year one of the biggest selling points was the sunroom. It feels like ever since we moved in, I have been working on project after project for this room. It all started with reupholstering the couches my parents gave us…and then it was making pillows for them, refinishing an old cabinet, recovering some ottomans, painting frames, planting new plants in the planters, hanging lights, making screens, and (my latest project) refinishing my parents old table.

I AM happy to say that other than needing to make a few more screens, I think the sunroom might FINALLY be complete. That’s probably a good thing since our new couch should be coming soon for the studio and I will need more time for decorating that this summer. 😉 I am pretty proud of the fact that decorating this room probably cost me less than $200 dollars. Most of the items in the room are repurposed from other people’s homes, my old apartment, or were just seriously cheap. It’s things like that that put a smile on my face – I am also easily pleased!

On Monday this week, Augie and I decided that it was time to break in the new table so we took our dinner in there, turned on the Christmas lights, and waited for Matt to get home. Once he got home and sat down to eat he commented on the fact that sitting in there was sooooo much nicer than sitting in the kitchen and eating. I think he’s right. It honestly feels like a vacation home. A vacation home within our everyday home which is even better. The wood covered walls, 360 windows, and the A frame make it seem like you are sitting in a little cabin in the woods (plus it smells wonderful!).

After dinner, we all played some Paw Patrols on the couch.

Well, mostly Matt and Augie played Paw Patrols….

OK fine – Augie played Paw Patrols and bossed Matt around. (That’s what really happened. 😉 )

Self Timer Family Selfie ProjectSelf Timer Family Selfie ProjectSelf Timer Family Selfie ProjectSelf Timer Family Selfie ProjectSelf Timer Family Selfie Project

I think for the rest of the summer (and maybe forever) I am just going to refer to the sunroom as the “vacation room” because that’s how it feels when we are in there. Who doesn’t want that?

Stay tuned for complete posts on both refinishing my parent’s old table and before and afters of the sunroom – coming soon!

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