Every night, Matt and I read a story to Augie before bed. He is such a bookworm – I love it. We will read one book before bed, and every time he asks for another…and then another after that. I am not sure if it is just because of who he is, or because we have ingrained in his brain since he was a newborn that reading stories is fun. Either way it’s good that he loves books because neither of his parents like to read. (Well, I like audiobooks, but I am not sure that counts :))

Often times you can find Augie sitting with a slew of books around him on the floor. Happily, he thumbs through each book and stares at the pages and then makes up what he thinks the words say. Even when I drop him off at daycare or for playdates…the report at the end of the day is always the same – just a little bookworm.

These photos didn’t turn out great since the room was very dim lit, but they are good memories to have for the future so he can see how important family time always has been for us before bed.

Self Timer Family Selfie ProjectSelf Timer Family Selfie Project

Augie's NYD Party
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