Some of you might remember the day I began my Self Timer Family Selfie Project. It’s been such a great way to capture memories our family makes together throughout the year. I am really enjoying the fact that I am able to be IN some photos here and there for once :).

Recently, I have been really loving looking at old photographs. A lot of my favorite ones are self portraits by famous photographers. There is just something about them that I love. That’s why I’ve decided that in addition to our Self Timer Family Selfies, I want to try to take self portraits. I won’t sit here and commit myself to doing them weekly (because we all know that’s not going to happen), but I feel like doing some self portraits here and there could help me branch out and be more creative all while making some memories.

SOooo…I am calling my new project the Self Portrait No More Selfies Project, because there won’t be any selfies in this group of photographs – Just some creative and (hopefully) artsy shots of…well..myself.

That being said, I started out my project while we were in Hilton Head.

PS – My favorite photo has to be the last one in the group. Haha.


Hilton Head Island - Around The Island
Beach Day