We started a new pumpkin carving tradition with Nanie and Papa last year. The kids love having them come over to join the fun! Also, it’s nice to have a few extra hands when you are trying to carve 4 (now 5) pumpkins.

This year, Augie carved his pumpkin almost all on his own! We told him to choose something that would be a little easier so he could practice and learn. I choose to surprise the kids with a Kermit pumpkin (because they are oddly obsessed with our Kermit puppet). Matt chose to carve Finn from Augie’s favorite cartoon and Ari wanted a cute Minion.

Nanie and Papa went with some more traditional faces this year, but we all decided that Nanie’s pumpkin turned out to be one of the best!

Some Halloween Portraits
Spider Headband and Chalk Drawings