And now, a break for some food.

If you are looking for good eats, brunch, and you have a certain love for natural and vegan food (or you are lactose intolerant) – Portland is your place. They have amazing natural dishes, vegan options, and plenty of brunch places. So many, in fact, that I wish we had stayed for an extra week just so we could try them all.

Most of our days in Portland consisted of waking up, eating breakfast in the city, heading out for the day, and then coming back into the city and eating dinner. This worked out nicely for me especially because we only had one meal a day where I had to worry about eating something that was probably not dairy free. It is a huge relief for someone like myself to go on a vacation and not have to worry about getting sick by the end because you consumed too much dairy…and not by choice. At least in cities that are vegan friendly, you can be almost 100% positive that your food does, in fact, NOT contain any dairy.

That being said, the first thing we did when we got our rental car was go to a place in Northeast Portland called “The Grilled Cheese Grill“. Ironically, this ended up being really close to the place we were staying, so it worked out nicely.

The Grilled Cheese Grill – Northeast Portland
Reasons Why I Loved This Place:

  1. I got a vegan grilled cheese with pesto (yay pesto without dairy!) and tomato and they asked me if I would also like it cooked in oil instead of butter.
  2. Matt got a double decker grilled cheese with bacon.
  3. They had Orange Crush and Doctor Pepper.
  4. We ate in a school bus.
  5. The pretty murals on the bus ceiling.

More on this here.

The Grilled Cheese Grill

Slappy Cakes – Belmont
Reasons Why I Loved This Place:

  1. They had vegan/gluten free (AKA dairy free!) pancakes!
  2. They served fancy alcoholic breakfast drinks.
  3. They have griddles at the table so you can make your own pancakes.
  4. They offered me soy butter to go with my vegan pancakes.
  5. They had soy creamer for my coffee.
  6. The food was fantastic! We sat at the bar and watched all of the food coming out of the kitchen and every single dish looked amazing!
  7. Great atmosphere.

Slappy Cakes PortlandSlappy Cakes Vegan PancakesSlappy Cakes Portland BreakfastSlappy Cakes Table Top Griddle

Dick’s Kitchen – Belmont
Reasons Why I Loved This Place:

  1. They had healthy bar food. It’s true, I swear. I really appreciate a restaurant that has really good tasting food that is also dairy free. It makes me smile.
  2. The burgers were made from 100% humanely raise grass-fed beef and were SOOOOO tasty!
  3. Their buns and burger patties were all dairy-free.
  4. They had vegan milkshakes.
  5. I am a sucker for fresh cut fries and theirs are “air baked” AND fresh cut – win win.

Their sign is tiny (as seen below). Make sure you don’t miss them!

Dick's Kitchen PortlandDick's Kitchen Portland BurgersDick's Kitchen Portland Coconut Bliss Vegan ShakeDick's Kitchen Portland Coconut Bliss Vegan ShakeDick's Kitchen Burgers Air Baked Fries

Tom’s Pizza
Reasons Why I Loved This Place:

  1. They played Chicago sports on their TVs.
  2. We didn’t actually eat here. 😉

Hooters – Portland, OR
Reasons Why I Loved This Place:

  1. Their food is always the same.
  2. We were too tired to explore something new.
  3. They lured us in with their awesome neon sign.
  4. The waitresses at this location balanced full beers on their heads and served them to people this way – impressive.


Voodoo Doughnut
Reasons Why I Loved This Place:

  1. The crazy and quirky atmosphere.
  2. They had vegan doughnuts.
  3. They had all kinds of inappropriate and creative names for their doughnuts (like the Captain My Captain )and also inappropriate LOOKING doughnuts.
  4. The doughnuts made my husband happy.
  5. The never ending amount of strange items hung on the walls.

Voodoo Doughnuts PortlandVoodoo Doughnuts PortlandVoodoo Doughnuts PortlandVoodoo Doughnuts PortlandVoodoo Doughnuts Portland

Reasons Why I Loved This Place:

  1. The calming atmosphere.
  2. Lucy, the restaurant owner. She’s one of the best mixologists in the country and she also wrote a book called Hip Sips.
  3. The fabulous food! (excuse my slightly out of focus photo taken after a few drinks in low light)
  4. The awesome drinks – especially the fancy Spanish Coffee Lucy made me. The glass was set on fire – enough said. She knew just what I needed when I said I didn’t want another glass of wine.
  5. The great conversation and hospitality.
  6. They served PBR for Matt – cause he is fancy.

Mint/820 Portland Oregon

Reasons Why I Loved This Place:

  1. The adorable homey decor – especially all of the different gravy boats decorating the place.
  2. The homestyle cooking.
  3. The fried egg sandwich.
  4. The fact that this restaurant shares the same name with our fish.
  5. The waiter who told me he was trying to start a #gravyphotobombs hashtag on Instagram.
  6. The girl I overheard while we waited for our table discussing with her friend how she visited someone in the midwest and found it absurd that they ate all three meals AT HOME. Apparently our way of life in the midwest is appalling. 😉

Gravy Portland OregonGravy Portland OregonGravy Portland Oregon - Biscuits and GravyGravy Portland Oregon BreakfastGravy Portland Oregon - Fried Egg Sandwich

Screen Door
Reasons Why I Loved This Place:

  1. The southern food and decor.
  2. The excellent chicken fingers that were a great snack at the end of our long day.
  3. The organic produce and meats.

Screen Door Portland OregonScreen Door Portland OregonScreen Door Portland Oregon

Seriously people, somehow I managed to pick awesome places to eat every time I picked something. Either Portland has awesome food at every turn, or I am just that good. I think it’s probably a mix of both, personally. Regardless, if you are in Portland, planning a trip to Portland, live in Portland, etc…make sure you check these places out!


That is all.

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