When we decided we wanted to add an island to our kitchen, we were looking for something inexpensive that I could paint to match our already painted cabinets. We considered doing something different and using an old dresser or something, but inevitably ended up at IKEA, of course.

IKEA has a lot of islands to choose from, but the Groland one fit our needs best. It was an unfinished blonde wood to start which was awesome cause I didn’t have to sand it or anything before priming.

Since it was going to be beat up quite a bit in the kitchen, I used Bond primer on it to ensure that my paint was going to stick well.


The paint took really well to the wood. The hardest parts about painting this were painting that stupid grate for the bottom which took forever…and then polying the top of it. I mean, it’s an island so you need to do that, but the first few times I tried to polyurethane it it didn’t work out and I had to sand it down and re-paint it. After the third try, I gave up and thought maybe we could live without it….until one night when my arm left an imprint on the top of the counter after leaning on it for a short while. SO, I found a different way to polyurethane that worked better and horrayyy it worked! All I had to do was use an oil based poly instead of a water based one and dilute it a little with turpentine so that it would go on better. With the water based poly, I was getting tons of brush lines which looked TERRIBLE on a huge flat countertop like this. Anyhow, let this be a lesson for my future self and anyone out there reading this blog. THIN YOUR POLY BEFORE APPLYING! Also, if you do this, you have to put it on 6 times to get a full finish. Woot.

In the end, I love my new island! All the pain was worth it 😉


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