We’ve taken photos here quite a few times. He forever asks to visit this place…and I can see why. It is an amazing little piece of heaven that is just down the street from our home. You would never guess it was there. We didn’t…until he made us go down the trail one day to see what was there. My favorite time to visit this place is in the fall when the leaves have not COMPLETELY fallen yet and are still mid change. Because of the way the light falls on the tree tops it’s like an amazing colorful rainbow surrounding us with beautiful brown and orange leaves ALL on the ground. It makes me feel like we live in the mountains, even if it’s just for a second.

Last year we visited this place at the same time when Ari was an infant. Since I had to carry her and watch Augie at the same time, I didn’t bring my camera….which I immediately regretted. This year, I made sure we did NOT forget it.

Still though, pictures do not do it justice.

Pumpkin Picking 2017
Halloween Costumes 2017