Since I am really into before and afters, I figured the one year mark (I missed it by a few days!) would be a good time to post some of my favorite B&As from the last year of our home. There are plenty of rooms in our house that have never been touched and/or are still works in progress, so this is just a handful of photos of the rooms that are either completely finished or very close to being finished! I am happy to say that 1 year later I have completed all of the painting projects I had planned for the new house including the whole first floor, our room, Augie’s room, the hallway, and the office. It’s been quite the crazy year project-wise…and there are still plenty more coming my way this year…BUT at least the painting is complete (for now) ;).

One of the first projects we did when we moved in was re-finish the cabinets and paint the kitchen:


We also replaced some flooring in both the studio and the dining room in an attempt to give both rooms a little update and tried to restore the studio (which used to be a den) back to the old cabin feeling that it had when the house was first built. Not the best photo of the difference, but once our couch finally arrives and we get some stuff on the walls, I will have to do a whole new post about our studio!


Of course, the dining room is still a work in progress and even decorating it meant more DIY projects for me including painting the china cabinet and making cushions for the benches on the dining table.


Another one of the things that needed changing ASAP in our eyes was the pink front door. So many people argued that we should leave it, but I think we can all agree now that it’s black…that it should stay that way.


Our living room turned into our family room when we moved in and so we felt the need to give the carpeting in this room an update as well since we knew Augie would be laying on the floor and rolling around in there. LOVE the new carpet….soooo soft. Again, this is probably not the best before and after photo, but it does the job I think! Other things I did in this room were minimal, but included making a shelf to go above the couch, framing some old posters we had, and making new pillow covers.


The sunroom has been one of my more time consuming projects in our house. My goal is to make it a room that everyone wants to sit and hang out in. Currently…I am the only person that really hangs out in there when it’s nice out :). Hopefully that will change this summer since my projects should be finished and it will be ready for entertaining.

I spent a good amount of time last spring/summer reupholstering the couches that are in the sunroom that were hand-me-downs from my parents. I also made new pillows for them, painted some frames for the walls, painted a cabinet I bought at the thrift store, and re-covered some old IKEA ottomans we had in storage. My favorite thing about this room is that I basically just went through items that we had and pieced this room together. I think it makes it all the more special to me to know that everything in there is something from our past. I even let Matt hang his Dekalb corn sign in there as decoration so we can always remember the place we met :).

This spring, my first goal is to make some new screens for the windows. A sunroom isn’t really a sunroom without a nice breeze and some open windows at night. Kind of defeats the purpose. Other than that, I am on the hunt for a small dining table to put in there so we can eat dinner without bugs in the summers. I also need to get the outlets fixed in there so we can put in some more mood lighting…but it’s almost there!


Matt’s office was mostly his doing, other than the painting. I did help him make all the shelves for the back wall though. So much better than the purple room it was.


And, my latest project….the foyer. I painted the hallway and the tile floor already, but now it’s time to find some wall decorations and maybe a small cabinet or coat rack.


Looking at these photos makes me feel accomplished but also anxious because I know there are many more projects to be completed! It’s my nature to want to do everything at once, but deep down I know it will all get done…eventually. 😉

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