So….I made it and am posting this before she actually turns 2 and a half, but I will admit it’s only by a month. Every time I try to get motivated to write this post about my baby girl turning two, I get completely overwhelmed and stop. I did such a great job documenting August’s first few years that I kind of feel like a failure when it comes to documenting Ari’s. Sure, she has more photos of herself than he did, spends more time with me than he did, and I still write down funny things she says and different milestones, but it never seems like enough. I am apparently under the impression that I need to be super mom and photograph their every move, create videos, photo albums, and write down every single thing they do so I can remember it forever….but at what point do we just enjoy our time together? I guess what I’m saying is that I am trying not to be so hard on myself and as long as I post these images and write a few things, I’m going to pretend that it’s just as good as what I wrote when Augie turned two. 😉

Lord help us if we have a third child….

Anyhow, here are a few things fun facts about Ari from 2 to 2.5:

20 Months
Starting to use more words – please soso (sorry) thank you gaga (baby) kinki (binki) choochoo (anything that moves)

21 Months
Started asking me “No yes?” Whenever she had a question.

Walks around the house saying “Augiiieeee where are youuuuu?”

Finally got her last four teeth.

Started using even more words and stopped screaming as often (finally)

Calls flowers bufies (butterflies).

Refers to herself as “Gaga” and points to things she wants and says “Gaga?”

Says “OK, BYE!”

22 Months
Asks “Wow! What is that? and says “Read?” when she wants a story.

Says “GAGA MINE!” when she wants something.

Always wants to make sure Augie’s OK and asks him “Augie K?”

Tells us “Cake??” whenever something remotely resembles cake.

Calls her feet “shoes”.

Calls her binkis “kinkis”

Asks for “Kinki two” when she wants more than one binki.

Calls anything round a cake.

When she gets hurt she asks for cookies? cake?

Started potty training and asks for blah blahs after she goes potty (lollies).

Started calling Augie “Aug” after spending a week with Papa and Nanie in the Ozarks and listening to them call him Aug.

2 Years
Started saying “WHAT?! No Wayyyyyyy.”

2 Years and 4 Months
Saw our Christmas card and after I asked her if the photo was of her she responded “Ya, me Santa. HO HO HO”

When we ask if she wants to be a big girl she responds “No, Gaga baby.”

Always thinks of her brother when she gets something from the pantry and brings him one and says “Oh, here you go!”

Looks for the elf and says “Where Groop go? Oh, there he is!”

Loves giggling about silly things with her brother.

One day when she wanted to look at herself in the mirror to see her outfit before we left and as she was climbing the stairs and trying to see what step she needed to go up to, she stopped and said “Oh, I see my butt!”

When we went to Barnes and Noble one day she saw a Wreck it Ralph book and she said “OH, Weck it Walf! Augie lufs it!…..I miss Aug. He at school.” She constantly points things out as we shop that Augie would like and says “OOOo Augie luf it! We get it?”

When she didn’t want to nap one day she told me “I no need nap. I close eye and now I happy!”

I told her I had to go to the eye doctor and she looked at me and said “Your eyes boken, Mommy?”

Ari's Second Birthday Party