October was a great month! We enjoyed lots of Halloween related activities including visiting the pumpkin patch, carving and painting pumpkins, participating in the Harvest Hustle, and (of course) trick-or-treating. Augie LOVES Halloween. He even made up a song about it. It goes something like this:

Hall-o-ween. So much fun. Hall-o-ween. Hall-o-ween. (repeat)

We even took him to the drive-thru haunted house (which was pretty creepy!) and he LOVED it. Kept asking to go back. When I asked him why he loves Halloween so much his response was, “Because it just makes me so happy!”

Too funny. Here are some other Augie-isms from October:

He Loves Woodstock
Augie: “Hi my best friend! Hi Woodstock!”

He’s Learning About Boys and Girls….and Woodstocks
Augie: “Papa’s a boy. Daddy’s a boy. Nanie’s a girl. And Woodstock’s a birdie!”

He Had An Imaginary Friend For A Day
Augie: “Titi has purple hair and white hands…and a face like me! She has Paw Patrol flip flops too!”

He Doesn’t Know What Deodorant Is For
Augie: “I put deodorant on because I have a belly ache.”

He’s Learning About Love
Augie: “I love you, Mommy. I love you, me, and Daddy.”

He Doesn’t Like When You Use Words Out Of Context
Augie: “Don’t say congratulations, Daddy. You only say congratulations at a wedding.”

He Plays Pretend
Augie: “I’ve gotta save Woodstock before he goes to jail!”

He’s Makes Doing Laundry Fun
Augie: “My underpants are clean? You’re the best washer ever, Mommy! Thank you!”

He Contemplates Life
Augie: “I want to snuggle you. Dogs do this. And cats. And then you pet them.”

He Flatters Me At Least Once A Day…Most Of The Time
Me: “What do you want to carve in your pumpkin, Augie?”
Augie: “I want to carve….YOU, Mommy!”

Augie: “Take your glasses off, Mommy. You look all crazy with those on.”


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