Since this is my personal blog…I’m just going to say it. The invention of cell phone cameras has completely ruined cool experiences like this for me. As a professional photographer, I look around at all the folks taking pics of these pumpkins with their cellphones and I think “why”. What exactly did they plan to do later with the 60 photos they took of carved pumpkins? Really, the use of the cell cameras just made it difficult for anyone to see any of the pumpkins that were on display because these people were standing in front of the pumpkins for too long trying to get the “perfect” photo so they could post it on their social media account. As a professional, it probably takes me 2 seconds to get a good shot….but also….I took about 10 photos the whole time because, like I said, what the heck am I going to do with 60 photos of random people’s pumpkins?

Absolutely nothing. That’s what.

Anyhow, this was a fun time out with family, but we probably won’t be spending $80 to do it again any time soon. I think one time was enough for me…haha.

Dave's Pumpkin Farm 2019
The Skull Mask