While I had so much fun helping out behind the scenes at the NAPCP Retreat, my hands-down favorite part was getting to meet all of the wonderful people that I have worked with for the past year for the very first time ever in “real life”. Sure, we see each other every week through the computer, but getting to spend time together as a team and actually SEE one another face to face was a whole different story. Each one of these lovely people were just as lovely in person as they are as a cyber person. I only wish I could see them in person EVERY week.

The week kicked off great when Katie and I met up in the Santa Barbara airport. I felt like I already knew her so well since we spend almost every day texting about work related items and the ups and downs of being a WAHM (seriously though only other WAHMs can relate haha). Once we finally figured out how to catch our first Uber, we were on our way to the beautiful Canary Hotel where we spent the week being roommates. One of the things we vowed we would do was make it to the ocean at some point during our stay. It was a bit of a walk from our hotel, but we made sure to take a few hours to sprint down there, take some photos, see a double rainbow, witness a seagull stealing a roll (see proof below), get some souvenirs, and hightail it back to the hotel for the rest of the events…and I am so glad we did.

At the end of the trip, we headed to the Santa Barbara Airport together and spent a few hours having some great conversation and then took a short flight to LA where we parted ways. Sad times. Wish you lived closer, Katie! Until next time!


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