See 30 weeks with Augie here.

How far along: 31 Weeks
Total weight gain: 20lbs still. The doctor says she expects I will only gain 25lbs this time around. I hope she is right.
Maternity clothes: Yes.
Best moment this week: Finally getting a prescription antacid. I hope this solves the issue of this throat ulcer so I can start eating normal again. On the bright side…between that and the gallbladder flare-ups I am limited to only healthy low fat foods so I probably won’t be seeing any rapid weight gain any time soon.
Miss anything: Being able to chase and play with my toddler. Yesterday he ran so far ahead of me at the mall that the security guard was actually following him because he thought he was lost.
Movement: Yes. The baby can definitely hear in there. I feel it jump whenever there is a loud noise.
Food cravings: Not really.
Anything making you queasy or sick: No.
Gender: ?
Labor Signs: No…but it does kinda feel like the baby is going to pop out some days. SO low.
Symptoms: Oh, plenty. Nothing I really want to get into. I will say that I never had issues walking with Augie, but this baby is so low that some days it is actually VERY painful to not only walk, but lift my leg. Painful…
Belly Button in or out: Out.
Wedding rings on or off: On.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: Feeling like myself again soon! I am so used to being able to take care of everything myself that it’s hard to sit around and make Matt do it all.

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