For Mom and Dad’s 40th anniversary, the siblings and I decided to throw them a big ol’ party. Since we had everyone we needed in our very own immediate family (a DJ, a party planner, a photographer, a bartender, etc.), we decided it would be awesome to have it at my house, and it was. Thanks to Jen for all of the cute little details, to Alyssa for making the backdrop for the photo booth and getting the cupcakes, and for everyone’s help setting up and cleaning my house after my meltdown the day before the party. It turned out fabulous.

Since there are so many photos from the party, I figured we would do a few at a time. Here are all the important little details we all planned. My favorite was probably the special drinks. <3 mddetails1mddetails2mddetails3mddetails4mddetails5mddetails6mddetails7mddetails8mddetails9mddetails10

Mom & Dad’s 40th Anniversary Party – Cocktail Hour
Daily Project 2016 - Ari Napping