Having kids is a wonderful experience, but a very harsh reminder daily of how quickly time passes. Having two kids is an even harsher (is that a word?) reminder of this same fact.

When you are in the day-to-day experience of motherhood, it is hard to remember that life is fleeting, time is fleeting, and the moments you spend with your children when they are tiny humans who rely on you for everything is fleeting. I hear people say it again and again – appreciate these times because you can’t get them back. I whole heartedly believe that this is true and I can’t even understand where the last 8 months with my baby girl has gone. Soon she will be Augie’s age and I will look at her and think the same thing I think about him now that he is 4 – “I don’t even remember you as a baby and that…is sad.”

The only thing that makes me feel SLIGHTLY better about time passing so quickly is the thousands of photos I take of these little humans so that I can remember them always. SO many people pass up family photos every year and/or only take photos with their phones and never print them. Will they regret that when they are old? Probably…or maybe not. We’re all different and have different things that are important to us. I know that the moments I capture on film – especially self portraits with my kids will be my greatest treasure. It already is.

That being said – here are some self portraits of me and my girl. She’s looking so big since our last shoot…and this was 2 months ago! (insert crying face here)


100 Days of Him and Her – Week 6
Daily Project 2017 - Ari At Bedtime