My husband asked me not to get him anything for his birthday this year. I was feeling really bad about not getting him something, but then I had a brilliant idea – I would do nice things for him instead.

Ok, ok…it wasn’t really all that brilliant since I am not the first person to do such a thing, but I actually really REALLY enjoyed doing nice things for him instead of buying him an actual physical gift. We may have to continue this tradition.

First, I made him strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting (because strawberry anything is his favorite). Next, I washed his Camaro while Augie took a nap so he could drive it to work on his birthday. And last, but not least, I painted his office so he could get it set up! Here’s a little sneak peek at the before and after.


The office used to be a little girl’s room before we moved in. The people who lived in our house previously really enjoyed painting each room one extremely bold bright color. In this case, it happened to be purple. Oy.


I let Matthew choose the colors for his own office since he was the one who was going to be “working” in there. I say “working” because I don’t think he is actually doing any work at all when he’s in there. It’s more of a “paying bills” room. Maybe we should just call it that instead. Anyhow, he decided to pick two different colors, both were different shades of dark greige. He wanted grey, but not a cool grey…so it worked nicely! Very “office-like”.

I got to work painting one night after work. Thankfully, the office is a small room so it didn’t take me more than a few nights to finish. After I was done painting, Matt and I worked together to make some shelves for the back wall.


Being the collector that he is, Matt had a vision for these shelves all along the back wall so he could display some of his favorite things. I have to say, it ended up turning out pretty awesome…and only costing us a fraction of what it would have had we bought these shelves somewhere else (which I love). Plus, they fit the wall perfectly – a look we couldn’t have gotten with a purchased shelf. SO that is also a huge positive. I think whenever you can make something yourself, it’s well worth the time and effort spent to do it.


I really do love this room in our house. Not just because it’s not purple anymore, but also because it is basically a display of my husband’s personality. From Star Wars…to hockey…to the Simpsons….the list goes on. Since I don’t go in the office all that often, every time I am in there I see something new and it never fails to make me laugh or smile.


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