In honor of last weekend’s holiday, I figured today was a good day to share photos of my little turkey painting his turkey.

Now that I am working from home, Augie and I have plenty of time to do crafts together. He LOVES to draw and paint (just like his mommy and daddy). Sometimes I cut things out of paper and let him paint away. I think it’s easier to come up with things to paint when holidays are involved because otherwise if I ask him what he wants to paint his answer is always the same – “Paw Patrol”. I cant say this surprises me…but seriously…that is a bit hard to cut out of a piece of paper. It’s just like how he keeps telling me that I can “work on his Paw Patrol cake with all the pups on it”. Yikes. I think he over estimates my creative abilities just a little :).


Anyhow, Augie never ceases to amaze me with random knowledge I didn’t know was contained in his little brain. I cut this turkey out of paper and he proceeded to paint the beak, gobbler, and the body the correct colors…all on his own!


Pretty impressive for a little dude.

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday – Gobble gobble!

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