I realize being 5 and staying at home all day with your mom while she tries to work and take care of you and your sister at the same time probably isn’t super fun when it’s winter time. But, this guy does a fabulous job entertaining himself and finding things to do. Sometimes we watch a lot of movies, but…there are other days when he happily switches from activity to activity without any complaints.

His imagination is truly amazing. There are plenty of times when he comes up with games and asks us to play them with him and I can’t even keep up. What he describes to me seems so vivid in his mind that it’s hard to believe he isn’t actually seeing it right in front of him.

On this particular day, he was playing some sort of “Mario Smashbrothers”. The characters had to get in line and be announced into the game by August himself (of course) and it was cracking me up.

Honestly, if you asked me 2 months ago when he put the Bowser Castle on his Christmas list if I thought he would ever play with it, my answer would have been no. But, low and behold, he has shown me up once again and literally plays with it every day. He even makes “levels” out of legos for the characters to go through and conquer so they can save Princess Peach. It literally might be the best purchase ever made.

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