And once again our walk on the beach resulted in way too many photos to share in just one post…

That’s OK though, I don’t mind the overclick/overshare when the ocean views are involved because it’s not like we can just hop on over there for another quick walk. Plus, I know we will be looking at these photos for years to come smiling back at our fun times at the beach together.

I once heard a Ted Talk where the speaker said the most important things your kids will remember are not the little every day things – homework, carpool, etc, it’s the big events…vacations, outings, etc. If I think about my childhood, that’s what I remember most and I know Augie remembers his first trip to HHI like it was yesterday even though he was only 2….so I’m going to say that this is very true. Hold on to those special moments, people and make the most of them. You never know what your kids are going to remember. But also, I too want to remember these times with my babies at the beach.

Hilton Head Island 2019 – Sunset Photos Part 2
Hilton Head Island 2019 - Views, Man