After a few days of sun, we decided that Tuesday would be the day we headed out to Savannah to see Auntie Lyss and Uncle Matt on their way and show Nanie and Papa how cute this little city is. Unfortunately, lots and lots of unrelenting rain made it virtually impossible to do much sight seeing with little ones, but we did manage to eat some BBQ in an old train car, walk around a bit, get lost in a really cool old book shop when Ari had to go potty unexpectedly, and get out of the car before heading back at an old motel with some pretty amazing photo ops.

The next day was just as rainy so we spent some time at the outlet mall with Nanie and Papa looking for some “cool clothes” for Augie while Daddy and Ari napped. Rather, maybe I should say we got flooded in at the outlet mall. That would probably be a more accurate description of what actually happened. When we got back, Matt and I headed out for a date night. We decided to go to a cute little place that NORMALLY had an outdoor patio, but it turned out that there was SO much rain and the inside of the place was so small that we had to go somewhere else. Probably better off since we got sopping wet just walking through the parking lot that was flooded with a foot of water. It would have been worse, but a nice man loaned us his umbrella so we could walk to the car in the monsoon. Thank God for flip flops and nice people. Honestly, I wish I had a photo of this event because it was so hilarious, but my words will have to suffice.

As for the rest of date night…it started out rocky with a table outside next to the waiting area, but quickly transformed in to a memorable evening indoors at the bar with delicious food, a super nice bartender and some live music…and, of course, my cute date.

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