Way back in June, we drove out to Starved Rock to meet up with the Dodson family for a little hike through the forest. Not everyone wanted to join us being that they all went hiking the day before without us as well, but since we had never been there we wanted to give it a try! Other than the fact that it was 100+ degrees outside and super crowded, it was great. I think Matt might disagree since he had to carry chubby baby around for over an hour…but it was worth it for these adorable pics of them together. Ari LOVED being in the carrier with her daddy. She smiled and was quiet the whole time we hiked and eventually even fell asleep. Cutest hiking duo to ever walk the earth I think….but maybe I’m biased. After we hiked, we stopped off for some ice cream and then went back to the campground where they were all staying for some swimming and delicious dinner. mm Mmmm good. Always love hanging out with the Dodson clan!

Crystal Lake Beach
Daily Project 2017 - On a Walk