And the award for most random costumes in the world goes to….


Seriously though, who would have thought that my kids would end up being a Duck Hunter and a Cheeseburger?

Augie chose his costume this year based on the amount of accessories that came with it. After finding an army costume at the Halloween store that was $40 that he liked….we decided to move on over to Wal-Mart where he promptly found this duck hunter “kit” that came with about 15 different accessories INCLUDING (but not limited to) binoculars, a knife, glasses, a vest, a hat, a gun….and a bunch of other things I am forgetting about.

Ari, on the other hand, refused to really wear any costume at all and ended up with this cheeseburger because it was the only thing she would keep on. I have to say though, it is fitting because she loves food.

All in all, these might be my favorite costumes EVER because of their randomness. <3

Our photo shoot, on the other hand, NOT my favorite. We went to the forest preserve nearby where there is a pond so Augie could pretend to shoot some ducks. Sounds like a great idea, right? Well…it might have been had I not brought my 1 year old with me. Honestly…worst.idea.ever. I did not strap her into the stroller like I should have done. Instead, I stupidly brought the wagon to carry all of the gear and Augie’s accessories. Of course, she wouldn’t sit in there so that left me having to carry her and photograph him at the same time because when I didn’t do that she ran off trying to jump in the pond with the ducks. Augie, in the midst of the madness, was trying to pose for me and ALSO almost fell in the pond (like…for real almost fell in to the point where I contemplated for a second what the heck I would do with my 1 year old while I dove in to save him). SO scary. We will not be visiting any ponds any time soon while we are alone….that’s for sure.

ANYWHO….At least the photos are cute…right? Worth the 10 heart attacks I had while we were there? I think?

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