There’s a first time for everything and this year was apparently the first time we would experience a snow storm during trick-or-treating. I mean…it wasn’t just a little snow. It was A LOT of snow. Although it was colder than we would have liked, the kids had a blast with Cary running through the snow going from house to house. We had to make some last minute costume changes because of the weather, but the kids didn’t mind at all. Augie wore his skull mask, Cary transformed into a dinosaur, and Ari proudly wore her burger costume over her coat. The burger costume is still hands down my favorite costume ever created. I am so happy she loves it so much!

These photos make me smile. Happy kids, snow, colorful trees and Spiderman shoveling the walkway. What else do you need in life?

Later in the day we trucked on over to Tom and Al’s for some more trick-or-treating, but by the time we got there, the kids had had enough of the cold so we just hung out for a bit instead. That’s OK though because they basically got handfuls of candy at every door we went to in our neighborhood because people were not expecting any trick-or-treaters at all, so this mom was fine with it.

Two Little Indians
Elsa Doesn't Like Snow