About two years ago now, I had an idea…and now that idea has come to life!

Introducing the Snapshot Travel Guide!

I created this 50 card deck for the NAPCP Store with traveling photographers in mind. While Matt and I were in Portland, I realized my happy place when traveling is being able to shoot for myself and document our lives together. It’s always on my mind when we are in a new place (I can’t help it!) and I can’t wait to get home and edit our memories into a photo book! The cards in this deck reflect things I find myself photographing on our trips together so we can always remember those important times in our lives. I heard a speaker say once that experiences are the number one thing you remember as you get older and that is so true. Ask my son what he remembers from the last 4 years and he will tell you in-depth details about our trip to Hilton Head 2 years ago when he was only 2 years old. Times like those make such a lasting impression on our minds and I want to remember them always!

Some cards in the deck are meant to be inspirational, while others ask you to photograph something very specific about your trip that will help you create a great travel storybook once you return home. Take it with you for inspiration on your next trip! There’s even a FREE printable version for kids!

Get yours for a special summer price of only $10!! For more information and the link to the free download, click here!












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