Although I am loving my 365 project, the winter months have definitely got me down. I know other photographers feel similarly, but when you are stuck at home with two little people every day, there are only so many things you can photograph. At first, I was inspired by the fact that this project was so different from the last two projects I took on. I could photograph ANYTHING which felt amazing. But, I have realized that at the end of the day…what I love to photograph the most is my children. Soooo…ya. Back to square one. And, also, I feel like my photos are just “the Ari show” because she is with me 24/7 and she is at the age where she is starting to do so many new and amazing things.

Anyhow, the other day it was so nice and warm out and it gave me the opportunity to take my camera along on our walk to get Augie from school. After we picked him up, we stopped at the park so the kids could play. I spent that time watching them and practicing basic composition skills and it felt pretty amazing…I have to say. I am sooooo hoping it gets warm out again soon so we can do this more often. My creative soul needs it.

No Pants FTW