OK, so this title is incorrect – we actually didn’t go to the fireworks in Fox Lake this year…we went to see some on a different lake, but I can’t remember which one it was, so I am going to lie and say that it was Fox Lake.

Regardless, we needed to see some kind of fireworks on the water because the kids needed to take their annual 4th of July/back of the pontoon boat pic which turned out super adorable this year.

We got a spot on the water far from the crowd of other boats, but with the perfect view of the fireworks since we were further from Papa Bear’s house this year. When the fireworks were over, we got out of there ASAP o beat the crowd and there was a hilarious race of boats going in the same direction we were. It looked like were were stuck on 90 late at night in traffic. An unforgettable experience for sure. It’s not every day you see something so comical on the water.

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