This is not really how I envisioned the first day of second grade going for my son when he was born, but since we are no longer allowed to make decisions for ourselves or our children like normal adults…it is just how things have worked out. Thankfully he has been quite the trooper and has still managed to do well in school regardless of being behind a computer screen at home for 6 hrs a day. I am grateful that he is an independent dude who understands that learning and education are important and that he hasn’t put up much of a fight even though the school system has been changing schedules and their minds on a daily basis this entire year.

On the other hand, Ari was able to start 4 year old preschool in person without a mask for the first week, but then was asked to start bringing one to school daily. She was really struggling at home during the lockdown because there are not a lot of kids in our neighborhood that are her age. I am so grateful the preschool has been able to stay open of in-person learning because we’ve seen an extreme 180 happen with her socially now that she has some independence and time to play with peers.

COVID, we hope you go away soon. You will not be missed.

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