August just LOVES the bath. When I say loves…I mean LOVES.

This kid will come crawling as fast as he can down the hallway and into the bathroom laughing all the way just because he hears the water running. Then he proceeds to stand on the side of the tub jumping up and down watching it fill with water and pushing everything he can get his hands on into it while he waits.


A few weeks ago, we figured that it was about time we packed up the little tub and let him go for a dip in the big boy tub. I don’t think this kid could have been happier. He was crawling around like crazy, laughing, and playing with his toys. SO cute.


Seeing how happy Augie is in the bath puts the biggest smile on my face. I give him a bath every night just so I can watch him play in there.


It’s so cute how he is learning to play with toys more now. Matt and I just recently bought him a boat for the bath. I think his favorite things to play with in the bath are the foam sea creatures that stick to the wall. He just loves those things!

Just love that sweet little face. Kisses!


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