This summer was exceptionally hot, minus a few days in July when the temps were in the 60s…the perfect time to get some family photos in since we missed the opportunity to do them on Mother’s Day this year.

Although sometimes I wish I had the means to pay another photog to do our photos for us, there is something special about these intimate little selfies we take. They are never perfect, but knowing we took them ourselves makes them a little more meaningful to me somehow. Plus, I do think it’s a little less pressure on the kids to have me take them than to have a stranger in their face since I take their photos all day every day.

Like any family session though, ours was not without crying, complaining, bribes and moments when we just wanted to throw in the towel, but it all ended up working out in the end. Next time, we will have to remember not to let Ari get her feet wet. LOL

Ari's Second Birthday Party
After a Bath