When we were kids, my mom never bought us those fancy egg coloring kits. We did things the old fashioned way – vinegar and food coloring (with some homemade dippers made out of coat hangers). When we had Augie, Matt convinced me to buy one of the kits instead because that’s what they used. They come with stickers, special dye tablets…etc.

You know what I figured out? Egg coloring kits suck. The shrink wraps never shrink, the dye tablets don’t dye the eggs well, and the stickers never stick. After many years struggling with them, this year I went back to the old fashioned way and used dark eggs with food coloring and then the kids took turns drawing funny faces on them. Although they were disappointed in the change at first, once they got rolling with the faces they loved it.

I think we’ll stick with this method moving forward! I mean, look at these funny egg men…

Easter Brunch 2020
Easter Bunny Photos 2020