It came to my attention earlier this summer that my son had no recollection of us ever going down to the city. I mean, I’ll admit that it’s probably one of the last places I want to go. Not because I don’t love it because Chicago is great, but because it’s a lot of work getting down there from our house and I don’t want to spend 4 hours in traffic and spend $50 to park my car. Heading downtown with two little people alone was not going to happen…especially in the summer when it is most crowded so we waited for one of Augie’s random half days and took the train down with Nanie and Papa. It was about 100 degrees outside, but we still managed to see all of the important things and enjoy some family time (and hot dogs!). Augie and Ari loved taking the train and playing at the park. Good times had by all. Turns out that I took way too many photos to share in one blog post though, so you’ll find the rest of them in the next post.

Downtown Chicago - The Bean
My Little Ballerina