In all the times we’ve visited Door County, I had never been to Washington Island. This time, I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity. The drive in itself was beautiful, but once we got on the island the fall color was even more amazing.

Although the ferry ride to the island was a bit dicey on the way there, our little day trip turned out perfect. We ate delicious food at Albatross, broke the rules and went to the top of the lookout tower to see the fall colors even though it had been deemed “dangerous”, and visited Schoolhouse Beach which Uncle Matt informed us is one of 5 limestone beaches in the entire world.

My favorite part of trips like these is that my kids are soooooo happy to be on vacation and explore new places. How long do you think it’ll be before they are embarrassed to be with us instead? I’m gonna soak it up while I can.

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Door County 2020 - Shopping and Eating