It’s been about a month now since we went to Door County for our fall trip with the fam. I am finally getting these photos posted! Somehow they flew under my radar…not sure how that happened. I think I have just been wayyy to busy with fall photo shoots and I just forgot! Ops!

Anyhow, our trip turned out fabulous. All of us have been dying to get back there since our trip up there 3 years ago (I think it was 3 years…). Either way, we finally made it back out there. Woooo!

We spent our first day there visiting October Fest, drinking some cider beer, eating some corn, and looking at crafts. We had a mini family photo session out by the lake while we waited for Tyler and Conley to ride some rides and for Nanie to run out of money :).  My favorite photo is probably the prom pic. Classic.


Although we were afraid we might miss the fall color, we definitely didn’t. There were oranges and yellows and reds everywhere you turned! Sooo pretty. Of course, we had to take some photos in front of the pretty trees!



Jen is always so good at finding us homes to rent no matter where we go. She is a pro. She found us this place in Door County and it was not a disappointment. We each had a room of our own with a bathroom, there was a fire pit in the backyard surrounded by trees, the list goes on. Best fall retreat hands down.


We couldn’t leave Door County without taking photos on the road in front of our rental home. It was so beautiful! A completely tree covered street. The leaves on these trees hadn’t turned just yet, but it was still pretty!


I really love Door County. It’s such a peaceful place. It probably helps that I don’t have any phone or internet service when we are there. It’s kinda nice to be off the grid for a while, especially during the busy fall months. Hopefully we will be visiting again soon!

Biking In Door County
Just A "Few" Videos