It never fails. No matter how optimistic I am regarding our health at the beginning of each winter….my optimism quickly takes a sharp turn to pessimism two months later when the kids get sick. After one gets sick, it seems we are then on an endless cycle of doctor appointments and drugs. In this particular instance, Augie came down with strep throat and soon after Ari got sick with a completely different and unrelated virus.


Then, after recovering from said virus, she came down with another sickness that required multiple visits back and forth to the doctor.

I think what I’m trying to say here is:

1. I am glad we didn’t go with the cheaper health insurance plan.
2. I am annoyed that the doctor’s office closest to our house was being renovated during all of this.
3. I am considering moving out of this cold, damp state.

Also, I want to add that there have been many times over the last few years of being a work at home mom when the kids have been sick for extended periods of time and I thought I would go crazy from being stuck in this house and not being able to go and enjoy any of the pleasures life has to offer or even walk into a grocery store…and now it seems everyone in the world knows how it feels…

That being said…3 months of this stay-at-home stuff is much worse than the two weeks of sicknesses we endured a few months ago. If only I knew then what I know now I would have shipped the kids off to my parents for the weekend and partied it up by going out to eat and enjoying my life in clothes that actually don’t resemble pajamas.

Sidenote – How cute is the giant bed Ari made for her animals?

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