Ever since we moved to the new house, I have been feeling like a regular Martha Stewart. Sewing couch covers, pillows, cushions, capes…and now this.


Yes, that’s right…I made Augie’s Halloween Costume. Admittedly, it was mostly done to save money because there was no way he was going to wear the $50 dollar costume I found for sale so, it was the next best thing.

Really though, it was SUPER easy. I bought a cheap white hoodie and a cheap pair of white sweatpants online. Then I cut out all of the shapes I would need for ears, a collar, a tail, and the black spot on his back out of felt and sewed it right on to the hoodie/pants. Didn’t take me long at all! I highly suggest this as an alternative for anyone else out there trying to save some money….or who just want a really adorable Snoopy in their life.



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