I am all for quick little DIY projects that don’t take a lot of time or effort. I mean, I do my fair share of difficult projects as well, but the smaller projects that only take 30 mins and are a quick way to improve some part of our home are always my favorite.

It seems as though the foyer has been a never ending list of projects. We painted the hallway, hung a photo collage, I painted the front door black, and I even painted the tile. It really does look 100 times better than it did when we moved it – Love it!

Ever since I finished painting the tile, I have been dying to get a coat rack up on the wall. It drives me a little batty every time people come over that there is no room for coats. They always end up in a pile on the landing of the staircase which is not really ideal.

When we moved in, there was an area behind our shed that had a ton of random rocks, bricks, wood…and basically anything you can think of. One of the things that was left behind was the board I used for my coat rack. Random, but I think it’s kind of fun that the wood came from our yard (plus it was free which is always a positive in my book). If you’d like to build a similar coat rack, all you need to do is go to Home Depot and pick up a piece of common board. You can even have them cut it for you to the size you want. Woooo! Super easy.

I liked the fact that the board from our yard was a bit cracked and weathered. It gives the coat rack a little bit of a rustic look. If you want, you can take your piece of wood and sand down the edges to get rounded corners and such to make it have a little more of a weathered look.

Before I started making the coat rack, Matt and I found these awesome seahorse hooks on Amazon. I love seahorses…they are seriously amazing. What is better than a seahorse coatrack? Nothing. That’s right – nothing. You can find basically anything you want in a hook on the internet. If you are building your own, check online and see for yourself! I’m telling you, the possibilities are endless.

When they finally arrived in the mail, I got to work building my coat rack. First, I washed down the wood since it had been sitting in the yard for who knows how long. Once it was clean, I used some left over stain from refinishing the table in the sunroom and made it a nice looking walnut color. Although I don’t love the Miniwax PolyShades for large projects, it is great for little projects like this! It only took me about 5 mins to do the staining for this and the wood was nice and protected without having to do coats of poly when I was done. Saves so much time!

After the stain was dry, all I did was measure and secure the hooks to the board. That was it! The new coat rack was ready to hang :).

She really is a beaut, isn’t she? <3 <3 <3 If you are feeling ambitious and you use my short little tutorial to create a coat rack of your own, please post a link or a photo in the comments below. I would love to see your results!

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