Matt and I always wondered if we would breed creative children being that we are both creative types. I think it’s safe to say at this point in Augie’s life that he definitely got that gene.

Not only does he color, he loves to paint, build things, decorate the house…and basically make something all hours of every day. I try to encourage this as much as I can even though sometimes that means picking up streamers or toys or other items day after day which can be somewhat exhausting, especially when you are 7 months pregnant.

Regardless, I still love to see what his little creative mind comes up with on a daily basis. Recently, I caught him in his room during quiet time looking at a picture of Mickey Mouse and studying the shapes and drawing him. I mean…that’s pretty impressive for 3, especially since no one taught him how to do that.

That same day, we took out some paint and I let him paint whatever his little heart desired. Since he was on a Mickey kick, that’s what he decided to paint. I have to say, I was somewhat shocked by the results. Not only that, but he was super upset with me because I didn’t have the correct color palette for him to paint Mickey’s body and pants which I didn’t think kids cared much about until they were older, but I guess my son has an eye for art! (don’t worry we bought black paint recently so this won’t be an issue next time around)


After his first Mickey painting and a few other random paintings were complete, he went on to paint a scene from one of his favorite iPad apps. Literally, he remembered every single piece to the picture – Mickey’s pirate hat with the skull and bones, Minnie’s pink polka dotted dress and high heels, the pumpkin patch, the list goes on. When I picked up the iPad later to take a look at the image he had described and painted from memory, I was pretty impressed. Nothing gets past that kid, that’s for sure.


It’s so interesting to watch your children develop. Now…who thinks Mroz #2 will be a creative type? I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

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