Anyone who reads this blog is already well aware that Augie LOVES to decorate. If I had to pick his three favorite things I would say they were Halloween, decorating for holidays, and making art. I love how creative he is, but sometimes it does make the house just a TAD messy between all the arts and crafts hanging on the walls, the never ending trails of crayons, and the toys that have been hung on cabinet knobs and towels that have been placed around to “decorate for the party”. Let’s just say this “creative mess” is quite the challenge to live with for my poor OCD husband.

Recently though, we had a bit of a break thru when we gave him a few boxes and told him to decorate them however he wanted. Not only did he use all my tape in the process of decorating this box…but he also occupied himself for quite a few hours and was EXTREMELY happy and proud of his creation when it was complete. He used up all my tape, but he’s cute so I will let it slide.


Seriously though, so happy…and Mommy was more than happy that the streamers and Paw Patrol decorations found a different home for a day and that she can see the floor!

Daily Project - Helping Daddy
Daily Project - Papa and Nanie