She’s such an adorable little peanut…and did I mention that she is the best sleeper? Cause she is. Easiest baby to put to bed ever – she doesn’t even drink a whole bottle. Sometimes she has two sips and then she just cries for her binki and to be put into bed. These photos are from January, but recently she has been cracking me up because her routine is SO specific and she is so small. She wants a bottle, she wants her binki, she snuggles for one or two seconds and then she lets out a cry and a wiggle when she wants to be put in her crib. When you finally get her in there, she instantly looks upwards to see if she can spot any extra binkis that she can grab and hold on to for comfort as she drifts off into lala land.


I just love her. <3

Me and 6 Month Old Ari
Daily Project 2017 – Saturday Morning