I won’t lie – Tom and Alison had to do plenty of convincing to get me to say yes to them buying Augie this toy for his birthday. The twins have one and he absolutely loves playing with it when he is there…but then we go home and the annoying toy stays at their house. As soon as they mentioned buying it the stories my parents like to tell about how they used to buy new parents the Tuneyville Choo-Choo as a joke came rushing to my brain. Finally though, I gave in because he does love it SO much that it’s adorable.

I am so glad they did buy this for him – he loves it! Our little music lover can’t get enough of the DJ booth. Is it wrong that I am secretively hoping that some day in college he runs the radio station there or something so I can send him these photos? 🙂 I can’t even handle it!


On the plus side, this version of the KidiJamz Studio comes with some headphones…QUITE the lifesaver. 😉

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